Trailer Security

Security of boat or box trailers can be covered in several ways from simply chaining the trailer to a tree or pole up to a large wheel clamp. Below are the some options offered either to buy or hire:

Tow Ball Locking Device

    • Tow ball locks come in various forms and locks the tow ball coupling (either while on the car or unhitched). 

 Inexpensive, quick and easy to use while prevents the trailer from being attached to another vehicle and driven away.

 Does not prevent the trailer from being wheeled manually as the wheels are not secured.

Wheel Clamp

    • Various designs but they basically do what the name suggest they clamp the trailer’s wheel and stop them from moving. 

Very secure, quick and easy to use while prevents the trailer from being moved completely.

Some designs are quite large which can be an issue when traveling, they are more expensive.

STP Lockable Roof Rack Straps / Tie Downs

    • Also available for sale online at
    • The SPT Lockable Tie Downs are the simplest and easiest method of securing your board/boards, ski’s, snowboards, kayaks, canoes or pretty much anything you want to put on the roof of your vehicle. 

They are used in exactly the same way as conventional tie down straps and have been designed for use on any secured roof rack system. The straps Incorporate two hardened stainless steel cables and finely stitched 33mm webbing making them virtually impossible to cut.  These straps are fastened to the roof racks of the Scram Trailer and are secured through an extremely strong die cast buckle. (Refer to fig 1)

The SPT Lockable Tie Downs utilise friction and the widest point of your board to prevent any removal from the straps while the vehicle is unattended.  In the case of skis and snow boards the bindings and ends prevent any of these items being removed from an unattended vehicle.