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Scram Trailer Hire - Trailers from $19 per day

Book now for the holidays!

Scram Trailers offer trailer hire in Sydney and Perth from $19/day as well as trailers for sale across Australia.  Our enclosed luggage trailer is based on the classic box trailer but with a light weight and sturdy lockable lid. The trailers we hire are designed to maximise load capacity and ease of loading plus be able to withstand the harsh Australian conditions keeping the dust and rain out while being a breeze to tow behind even a small car.

Scram Trailers offer 2 models of trailer, the Regular Height trailer as well as the jumbo High Sided trailer which can carry almost double the content as the regular Scram Trailer, both models are now available with Bike Racks.

Scram Trailers have been specifically designed as enclosed box trailers, ideally suited as a getaway luggage trailer for the holiday hire market.  If you hire a trailer you will take the stress out of going on that long driving holiday with the kids or the short weekend camping break.  Scram trailers make packing and unpacking easy with access from 3 sides at ground level, so there is no struggling to fit everything into your boot or roof pod above your head.


With more than twice the space of the average roof box or pod the Scram trailer gives you all the extra packing space so mum can pack her extra shoes, the kids can pack their blankies and inflatable dinosaurs, dad can pack his golf clubs, bike and surf board with space left over to collect souvenirs along the way.




All our Scram trailers (both trailers for hire and trailers sold) come standard with :

  • Luggage box has a volume of just over 1000 litres and a load of just over half a ton (more than twice the average roof box)
  • Light weight and robust lockable moulded lid
  • Extra luggage rack on the lid which can hold up to 50kgs
  • 13" Inch Wheels with New Tyres and Spare Wheel (we do not use retreads)
  • Sturdy 3 Leaf Spring Trailer Suspension
  • LED indicator and stop lights
  • Electrical plugs come in either a flat 7 pin or round 5 pin (versatile for trailer hire)
  • Luggage Box is made of hardened reinforced steel with a powder coated finish
  • Internal dimensions of the luggage box with the lid on 1.6m (L) X 1.1m (W) X 0.57m (H)
  • Moulded robust wheel fenders
  • Drop down tail gate at the rear
  • Available with bike racks

So if you need trailer hire or are looking to own your own trailer please come and visit one of our depots or browse the Rent or Buy sections of our website. The Scram trailer hire will change the way you travel.

go somewhere. do something.


Call us at 1300 100 321

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